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Download BlueZone: A Terminal Emulator that Offers Smooth and Risk-Free Migration from Your Previous Solution

Download Bluezone: A Contact-Tracing App to Fight COVID-19 in Vietnam

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose serious threats to public health and safety, many countries have developed and deployed contact-tracing apps to help prevent and control the spread of the virus. One of these apps is Bluezone, a mobile app commissioned by the Vietnamese government to assist in contact tracing during the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

download bluezone

Bluezone is a free app that allows users to quickly and accurately identify people who have been in close contact with COVID-19 patients, as well as access information about vaccination, testing, risk maps, and reports. By using Bluezone, users can protect themselves, their families, and their communities from the risk of infection, as well as contribute to the national effort to fight the pandemic.

In this article, we will explain how Bluezone works, how to download and use it, and how it ensures the safety and privacy of its users. We hope that by reading this article, you will be convinced to download and use Bluezone as a responsible citizen.

How Does Bluezone Work?

Bluezone uses Bluetooth technology and QR codes to detect and record contacts between users. Each user is granted a unique personal QR code that enables the display of information related to COVID-19 prevention and control following national pandemic prevention and control strategy. Users can also register for venue QR codes for locations like offices, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, public places, etc. and ensure full recording of citizens entering/leaving the places by QR code scanning.

When two users with Bluezone installed on their smartphones are within two meters of each other for more than five minutes, their phones will exchange Bluetooth signals and record the contact. If one of them is diagnosed with COVID-19, they can report their status on the app and trigger notifications to the phones they have recently been near. The notified users can then take appropriate actions such as self-quarantine, testing, or seeking medical help.

Bluezone also connects to COVID-19 testing and vaccination management systems, thereby displaying information about vaccination and testing for citizens in relevant cases. Users can view the detailed information of the number of vaccine doses they have got as well as the time of the latest dose. They can also view their COVID-19 test results when they become available.

Additionally, Bluezone allows users to view COVID-19 infection risk maps in real time. The app also enables users to send feedback about the app, declare their Covid-19 symptoms or ask for help from local organizations.

How to Download and Use Bluezone?

Bluezone is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the following links:

  • for Android devices

  • for iOS devices

After downloading the app, you need to follow these steps to install and register:

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  • Open the app and allow it to access your Bluetooth, location, and camera.

  • Enter your phone number and verify it with the OTP code sent to you via SMS.

  • Fill in your personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, and email address.

  • Scan your ID card or passport to confirm your identity.

  • Choose a password and set up a security question for your account.

  • Agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the app.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and registered for Bluezone. Now you can use the app to scan QR codes, check your vaccination and test status, view risk maps, report your health condition, and receive notifications if you have been exposed to COVID-19.

Here are some tips to keep the app running properly:

  • Keep your Bluetooth and location services on at all times.

  • Allow the app to run in the background and send you notifications.

  • Update the app regularly to get the latest features and bug fixes.

  • Share the app with your friends and family and encourage them to use it.

Is Bluezone Safe and Private?

One of the main concerns that users may have about contact-tracing apps is whether they are safe and private. After all, no one wants their personal data to be leaked, hacked, or misused by third parties. Fortunately, Bluezone has taken several measures to ensure the security and privacy of its users.

First of all, Bluezone does not collect or store any user data on its servers. The app only uses Bluetooth signals to exchange anonymous codes between devices, which are then encrypted and stored locally on the phones. The codes are deleted after 21 days or when the user chooses to delete them. The app does not track or record the location, identity, or contacts of the users.

Secondly, Bluezone uses advanced data protection and encryption technologies to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. The app complies with the national laws and regulations on data protection and privacy, as well as international standards such as ISO 27001. The app also undergoes regular audits and reviews by independent experts and authorities to ensure its quality and security.

Thirdly, Bluezone gives users full control over their data and choices. Users can decide whether to report their COVID-19 status, share their QR codes, or delete their data at any time. Users can also opt out of the app or uninstall it whenever they want. The app does not force or coerce users to use it or share their information.


Bluezone is a contact-tracing app that helps users identify and prevent COVID-19 infection in Vietnam. It uses Bluetooth technology and QR codes to detect and record contacts between users, as well as provide information about vaccination, testing, risk maps, and reports. It is easy to download and use, and it ensures the safety and privacy of its users by using data protection and encryption technologies, not collecting or storing user data, and giving users full control over their data and choices.

If you want to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community from COVID-19, you should download and use Bluezone today. It is a simple but effective way to fight the pandemic together. You can download Bluezone from the links below:

  • for Android devices

  • for iOS devices


Q1: How many people have downloaded Bluezone in Vietnam?

A1: According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), more than 40 million people have downloaded Bluezone in Vietnam as of June 2021. This accounts for about 43% of the population. The MIC aims to increase this number to 50 million by July 2021.

Q2: What are the benefits of using Bluezone?

A2: There are many benefits of using Bluezone, such as:

  • You can quickly and accurately identify people who have been in close contact with COVID-19 patients and take appropriate actions.

  • You can access information about vaccination, testing, risk maps, and reports related to COVID-19 prevention and control.

  • You can protect yourself, your family, and your community from COVID-19 infection.

  • You can contribute to the national effort to fight the pandemic.

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