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Iphoto Download 9.6.1

I found you can still run iPhoto by opening the package contents with Control-click on the App, then click on Show Package Contents, Contents, MacOS, iPhoto. But I don't know how stable this is. It seems to run just fine. But I'd like the 9.6.1 update just to be sure it's not going to trash my photos.

Iphoto Download 9.6.1

Once you have downloaded and installed the iPhoto update using the new user (make sure this user has admin privileges!) then log out of the new account and into your normal account. Your pictures should be where you left them. You might need to log into iCloud again. To do this, go to iPhoto preferences, click on iCloud, and make sure the first three things are checked. You will also need to enter your iTunes (iCloud) login.

I followed these instructions in the link here, and it took hardly any time to replace my iPhoto app with a working one that imported my library and now I have access to all my photos, albums, and catalogued events exactly the way they were prior to my blind Yosemite download.

There is no download for iPhoto 9.6.1 - if you own a copy of iPhoto '11 and iPhoto is in your purchases list in the App Store then you can install iPhoto 9.6.1 from the App Store - in some cases Apple support has provided special links to customers to download and install iPhoto 9.6.1 - be aware that iPhoto is a dead program with no support that will quit working without notice with some future update

Apple is no longer developing and selling iPhoto. You can only update to iPhoto 9.6.1, if iPhoto is in your Purchases history at the AppStore. Barney's User Tip explains how to do that, if your iPhoto version is eligible, have a look: Can't Update iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store

I've read on numerous articles that in order to have iphoto working on yosemite 10.10.4, version 9.6.1 of iphoto is required. I have version 9.6 of iphoto and I didn't know until recently, I had to update iphoto before it was discontinued in the mac app store. So does anyone have iphoto 9.6.1 version download, they can somehow send to me please? Or is there some other way of getting the 9.6.1 version?

I have tried following the very helpful instructions for updating to iPhoto 9.6.1 and all looks fine as it appears in the App Store list of purchases. But for the past few days, whenever I have tried it, I click on Install and after a short delay I get a message to say that the item is temporarily unavailable and to try again later. (As it happens I don't make much use of iPhoto but I do support some iPhoto users.)

I'm sure running iPhoto 9.5.1 isn't a longer term solution and it's frustrating that (having had every version of iPhoto from version 1 and paid for the iLife suite several times) I can't simply download the correct version for Yosemite. And with El Capitan coming up...

If the problem persists and you cannot download the update to iPhoto 9.6.1, ask the App Store Support for help. Perhaps they will provide a redeem code, so you can download the update. There is a "Contact" link in the "Quick Lnks" pane of the main App Store page.

Thanks for replying, but I've already read that article. I didn't update iphoto to the 9.6.1 version hence why it's not in my purchases and I'm in need for it. I was just asking if there is a way of someone sending me the app version or any other way of getting 9.6.1, besides the article link you replied to me with.

You don't need the iPhoto 9.6.1 update listed in your Purchase history. You need some version of iPhoto in your Purchase history. Reinstalling any iPhoto '11 version from the AppStore will install the current version and effectively update iPhoto.

UPDATE: Apple has discontinued support for iPhoto. You can download its replacement, Photos for Mac, by upgrading to OS X Yosemite for free. If you're already running Yosemite, you can download Photos for Mac by checking for updates in the Mac App Store.

iPhoto is available in the App Store if you owned it before and had downloaded it from the App Store before. It will be in your Purchases tab. It will not be visible if you did not previously have iPhoto on the Mac.

Go to System Preferences (Black Apple Symbol TLHC):1. Click the App Store Icon2. Click the Show Updates button3. At the bottom of the list, click Update next to iPhoto 9.6.14. Follow the install prompts.

On April 8, 2015, Apple released OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, which included the new Photos app. iPhoto and Aperture were discontinued and removed from the Mac App Store, but can still be downloaded by users who previously purchased them.

Lo and behold, there it was but it had an Open button since iPhoto was already installed. Clicking the Open button did no good and gave me same error. Checking, I found that I had iPhoto 9.6 which had been working with Yosemite just last month. Checking a newer Mac, I found that iPhoto 9.6.1 was working fine with the latest Yosemite so I copied it over to the old MacBook where it worked fine.

I am using iphoto to store my pictures. One week ago the message comes up from iphoto and said something about I have to choose one of three choices. Unfortunately I did not recognized all the choices. I pressed one of them, and all my pictures disappear from iphoto, and the iphoto created new library.

Actually, I have tried to access to my old pictures but I could not. Somehow, I went to iphoto file than contents than thumbnails than the folders in years like folder name 2011, 2012, 2013, and each folder has one or two pictures, which is I have found all my old pictures there.

To update your operating system, click the menu at the upper left of your screen, choose App Store, and then click Updates at the top of the App Store window. You see a list of updated software patiently waiting to be installed on your machine. Locate the update named OS X Update Version 10.10.3 (or later) and click Update. Your Mac downloads the update, restarts, and installs the new version.

Worked like a charm. Even better if I just dropped the original file on top of lightroom it pretty much imported the iphoto pictures into correct date files. Thanks a lot. Wish this had come up on my first, second etc search

my folders came up numbered 0-9 and A-F. the pictures in the folders were not from my iphoto account. does my computer need to be connected to the cloud? The pictures were in iphoto on an older computer. I stiil have that computer can I access them there using this method?


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