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Pit Bull Fuck Women [NEW]

You are the white dog cocking his ear over the city and hearing no call. You are the mean-eyed bitch staring into the street resting her shitty white chin on the sill. You are the pit bull dreaming at the end of her chain. You are the flex of her brindle at the sound of her name.

pit bull fuck women

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You were the green pastures of Ilium. You are the crumbling theaters of Troy. You are the city and its women wailing darkly and bright to bless your city as it burns, this city made of your light.

kevin mcpherson eckhoff lives in Armstrong, BC, with his non-poet human-love, Laurel, and his canine-love, Daisy the pit bull. Get this: he once wrote a book called rhapsodomancy. Wowie! Currently, he is exploring the meaning of "lorem ipsum."


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