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[S5E14] New Year's Kiss

When Rigby goes to use the restroom, a future version of himself in hologram form appears. After establishing that he is really future Rigby by stating his New Year's resolution, he warns him of several events that happen at the New Year's party, which includes Mordecai kissing a girl he shouldn't kiss, demanding that Rigby stop the kiss from happening. He says that he can't give anymore details, but tells Rigby that this is the only way Mordecai will be happy. Rigby is hesitant at first, but after having a nightmare that night involving everything future Rigby told him, he promptly flushes Tracy's number down the toilet. That morning, Mordecai easily figures out that Rigby did something with the number and doesn't believe Rigby's story about his future self. Just as Rigby is convincing him to just come to the party to hang out with his friends, Tracey calls him. He invites her to the party, which she accepts.

[S5E14] New Year's Kiss

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At the party, Rigby is worried about the predictions of future Rigby. Fortunately, Mordecai's date with Tracy isn't going well. Rigby overhears Tracy telling a friend she's going to kiss Mordecai to make her boyfriend jealous. Rigby explains this to Mordecai, who locks Rigby in the restroom to prevent him from messing up the kiss. Rigby is visited once more by his future self, who tells him to escape through the air vent and provides him with a device to slow down time. Rigby uses the device and identifies silhouettes of Tracy and Mordecai right before the clock strikes 12. As predicted, Pops opens a bottle of sparking apple juice too early, Muscle Man tears off his pants and streaks in a diaper, then Tracy and Mordecai inch in to kiss. Rigby tackles Mordecai at the strike of midnight, only to find out that Tracy and her boyfriend had reconciled and the boyfriend was wearing a mask in the shape of Mordecai's head.

Mordecai informs Rigby that he found out about the boyfriend and left Tracy alone. Happy that his efforts seemingly succeeded, Rigby chest-bumps Mordecai which causes him to bump into a girl behind him. After a brief conversation, the girl and Mordecai take a moment to look at all the kissing couples surrounding them. She suggests that since it is still midnight, they could still make the best of this. Before Mordecai can fully understand, she suddenly kisses him. After a brief pause, he becomes fully receptive of it and they continue. When they remove their masks after the kiss, Mordecai realizes he has kissed CJ, whom he hasn't seen since the events of Yes Dude Yes. Rigby, who is now confused about what kiss he was supposed to prevent, retreats to the restroom. As Mordecai turns back to CJ, he sees her running out of the building, leaving only her mask on the floor. Mordecai is left alone, staring at CJ's mask in his hand as the party presses on.

Troi also inexplicably feels that Riker is very "familiar"; the two realize they have some connection when he finds a book, Ode to Psyche by John Keats, which she gave him as a gift "with love", producing a rather awkward moment when Ro arrives and sees them nearly kissing before she kisses Riker herself once Troi leaves. Ro informs Riker that she gets the feeling she used to be the jealous type before giving him a kiss.

Brooke has a crush on the new bartender Owen. Carrie kisses Nathan. Haley is upset at Lucas for proposing to Lindsay and kissing Peyton. Quentin has to change his negative approach before the Ravens start the season-opening game. Mouth's boss Alice gets fired, and Mouth tries to win Millicent back.[17]

In a small town, Russell and Alice are finishing their first date. They have had a good time, and Russell asks her on another date on Valentine's Day. They kiss tentatively at first, then more seriously. Then Alice backs away for a moment. They end up inside in the kitchen, undress and start kissing each other. They become increasingly frenzied and Alice bites him on the neck. She panics for a moment but Russell tells her it is okay. They start biting each other as the blood sprays across the room.

Castiel then reaches over and takes Dean's plate since he's not going to eat and the boys look at him with shock on their faces. Castiel suddenly notices a change in the environment and says that Cupid is there. A couple starts passionately kissing and Castiel points out that they're who Cupid has struck. He tells the brothers to meet him in the back and teleports away. They go out and find Castiel seemingly facing empty air. He tells them that he is tethered the cherub and mutters an incantation to make it appear.

At the St. Regis, Nate comes looking for Lola. He says Lily called and he knows he owes her an explanation. He admits that when he heard her lying to her mom, it reminded him of his other lying exes and turned him off. She explains that her mom never supported her being an actress and said New York would destroy her soul, and so she pretends to attend Michigan State to derail her from knowing where she really is. Nate admits that what went down recently with Tripp and William has caused him to have no family either. He offers her a do over but she says his world is more fun to hear about than to actually participate in. He thanks her for being honest and she leaves. At the Waldorf's, Eleanor arrives to find Louis waiting in the foyer. She announces she knows where Blair is and won't tell them. She continues that when she finds her, she's going to tell her that she doesn't have to go with Louis and to stay as far away from him as possible. She warns him that the Grimaldi's cannot control them. Blair then comes downstairs and says that they can. She tells Louis that her bags are in the car downstairs and she's ready to leave. She explains to Eleanor that she doesn't believe in saving herself and ruining their family at the same time and it's just a year she has to pretend. Dan then arrives with Blair's wedding gown in a bag. Blair thanks him again and Louis says they need to go. Downstairs, Louis and Blair kiss for the photographers. At Georgina's, Philip asks why she's posting a video of the kiss when she has the hotel photo. Georgina explains the photo is irrelevant now that Blair and Louis are together. She reminds him that she knows who sent in the video in the first place, and that she has something else planned as to use it besides revealing it. She then remarks that she's doing her civic duty taking on Gossip Girl after it was abandoned; proving she isn't the real Gossip Girl. At The Empire, Serena and Chuck arrive. He sees the blast of Blair and Louis and asks sadly why she chose Louis. Serena says he shouldn't have sent in the video, and Chuck confusedly says he didn't. Serena says she took the fall because it would be worth it if they could be together, but that she swears she didn't do it. Chuck swears he didn't either, and Serena asks who did it then. The scene then changes to Dan jealously watching Blair and Louis leave, proving he sent the video in.

This season begins with Cory finally admitting he wants to ask out Topanga but he keeps getting nervous and backs out (he salutes and gives a thumbs up). As the title hints, in "My Best Friend's Girl", Cory finds out Shawn asked Topanga out to a school film screening. He's understandably feeling betrayed and even tries to take another girl to the screening to make Topanga jealous. In the end, he confesses that he was jealous and he wants her to be his girlfriend, She agrees by kissing him. Later on, in What I Meant to Say, Cory tells Topanga he loves her but she quickly shuts down, avoids him, and even tries to break up with him. It's not until he shows up at her house, to get his jean jacket, that he finds out she's scared everything is getting too serious and she doesn't even know what "love" means to them. Cory explains what he believes love is and she finally understands, telling him she loves him too. In "The Last Temptation of Cory", Topanga stays home sick and Cory starts getting unwanted attention at school. He's invited to a party and runs it by Topanga before going with Shawn. Cory gets caught in a closet and get kissed before he quickly rebuffs the girl and meets with Topanga to reveal what happened. Though Topanga is upset another girl kissed him, she realizes Cory feels horrible about it and she tells him to never do that again.

In season 5, episode 14 of Boy Meets World, the high school sweethearts (played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel) join their peers on the getaway. After Cory sprains his ankle, he stays back from the slopes and meets Lauren (Linda Cardellini). They kiss, and Cory and Topanga eventually split after she finds a letter from the resort employee.

In episode 16, "Bloodshot", Grace is taken advantage of. A man from another department shows interest in her, and she even kisses him. Later, though, when he attacks Rigsby, he is revealed to be the killer of the week. Grace runs to find Rigsby and make sure he is okay. She embraces him and they almost share a kiss but are interrupted.

In episode 18, "Russet Potatoes", Rigsby is hypnotized and Jane tells him to close his eyes and think about what he most wants to be doing right now. Jane tells him to open his eyes and do it. Rigsby laughs. Grace starts to walk away, but Rigsby grabs her and kisses her deeply. She lets him. She then demands Rigsby be unhypnotized. Then he says he has to leave and won't listen to anyone who tells him to stay, except for Grace.

In episode 13, "Redline", Lisbon changes her mind about taking action. She decides to allow them to hide the relationship and deny that she knew anything about it. She tells them both that they shouldn't stare at each other, hold hands, or kiss on the job. Surprisingly, the two take it surprisingly well and accept the restrictions without complaint. Unknown to Lisbon, this trial has stretched their relationship thin, and Rigsby and Grace are at risk of breaking up.

In episode 20, "Red Velvet Cupcakes", Rigsby admits to feeling weird since she's been back and that he thought about her while she was gone. During the episode, she and Rigsby pose as a couple with relationship issues for a radio show. On the show, they actually talk about their real issues and she admits that she likes who he is now and that he is a dad. And he admits that he feels the same way about her that he's always felt since the day he met her. At the end of the episode, she shows up at Rigsby's place and starts kissing him. Their relationship has continued since. In the season finale Rigsby tells Cho that they are not just having sex, but they are in love. 041b061a72


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