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Schaken-Mods Guild Membership

Select a membership that best fits your needs! We do not throttle your downloads at any tier, including FREE members. Our speeds can reach up to 16MB/s If you have and issues with a purchase, please CLICK HERE to file a report to staff. IF you currently have a membership and need to cancel it before getting a new one, CLICK HERE. We have updated our memberships system. Do you have a suggestion? Let us know!

Schaken-Mods Guild Membership

i'm getting this error on every mod either free or guild only way i can make them work is open the page leave the page open for over 30mins refreshing from time to time then eventually when it wants it gives me a download button....whats causing tthis? i'm in all the correct clubs to download and have guild membership very frustrated.

each tier of membership has a different cap. Each download you make is counted separately, so if you download 1 mod per hour, then you would never hit your cap. but if you download 30 all in the same hour, then you would have to wait 24 hours before downloading again. you can remove the cap completely by subscribing to the "Unlimited membership" 041b061a72


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