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In Full ##BEST## Command Sub Download

The sub-commands RELATIVE_PATH, TO_CMAKE_PATH and TO_NATIVE_PATH hasbeen superseded, respectively, by sub-commandsRELATIVE_PATH,CONVERT ... TO_CMAKE_PATH_LIST andCONVERT ... TO_NATIVE_PATH_LIST ofcmake_path() command.

In Full Command Sub Download

Please note that this sub-command is not intended to be used in project mode.It is intended for use at install time, either from code generated by theinstall(RUNTIME_DEPENDENCY_SET) command, or from code provided bythe project via install(CODE) or install(SCRIPT).For example:

If the dependency is found, and its full path matches one of thePOST_INCLUDE_REGEXES or POST_INCLUDE_FILES, the full path is addedto the resolved dependencies, and file(GET_RUNTIME_DEPENDENCIES)recursively resolves that library's own dependencies. Otherwise, resolutionproceeds to step 6.

If the dependency is found, but its full path matches one of thePOST_EXCLUDE_REGEXES or POST_EXCLUDE_FILES, it is not added to theresolved dependencies, and dependency resolution stops for that dependency.

If the dependency is found, and its full path does not match eitherPOST_INCLUDE_REGEXES, POST_INCLUDE_FILES, POST_EXCLUDE_REGEXES,or POST_EXCLUDE_FILES, the full path is added to the resolveddependencies, and file(GET_RUNTIME_DEPENDENCIES) recursively resolvesthat library's own dependencies.

Note also that file(GENERATE) does not create the output file until thegeneration phase. The output file will not yet have been written when thefile(GENERATE) command returns, it is written only after processing allof a project's CMakeLists.txt files.

Generate an output file using the input given by CONTENT and substitutevariable values referenced as @VAR@ or $VAR contained therein. Thesubstitution rules behave the same as the configure_file() command.In order to match configure_file()'s behavior, generator expressionsare not supported for both OUTPUT and CONTENT.

New in version 3.12: If the CONFIGURE_DEPENDS flag is specified, CMake will add logicto the main build system check target to rerun the flagged GLOB commandsat build time. If any of the outputs change, CMake will regenerate the buildsystem.

This sub-command has some similarities to configure_file() with theCOPYONLY option. An important difference is that configure_file()creates a dependency on the source file, so CMake will be re-run if it changes.The file(COPY_FILE) sub-command does not create such a dependency.

See the install(DIRECTORY) command for documentation ofpermissions, FILES_MATCHING, PATTERN, REGEX, andEXCLUDE options. Copying directories preserves the structureof their content even if options are used to select a subset offiles.

New in version 3.19: If is not specified for file(DOWNLOAD), the file is not saved.This can be useful if you want to know if a file can be downloaded (for example,to check that it exists) without actually saving it anywhere.

Verify that the downloaded content hash matches the expected value, whereALGO is one of the algorithms supported by file().If the file already exists and matches the hash, the download is skipped.If the file already exists and does not match the hash, the file isdownloaded again. If after download the file does not match the hash, theoperation fails with an error. It is an error to specify this option ifDOWNLOAD is not given a .

Note that lock is advisory - there is no guarantee that other processes willrespect this lock, i.e. lock synchronize two or more CMake instances sharingsome modifiable resources. Similar logic applied to DIRECTORY option -locking parent directory doesn't prevent other LOCK commands to lock anychild directory or file.

If you have named your objects so that they exist in Object Storage as a hierarchy, e.g. level1/level2/level3/myobject.txt, then you can download objects at a given level (and all sub levels) by specifying a prefix:

If you have named your objects so that they exist in Object Storage as a hierarchy, e.g. level1/level2/level3/myobject.txt, and you only want to download objects at a given level of the hierarchy, e.g. example everything of the form level1/level2/ but not level1/level2/leve3/ or any other sub-levels, you can specify a prefix and delimiter. Currently the only supported delimiter is /

--auth-purpose, --auth, --cert-bundle, --cli-auto-prompt, --cli-rc-file, --config-file, --connection-timeout, --debug, --defaults-file, --endpoint, --generate-full-command-json-input, --generate-param-json-input, --help, --latest-version, --max-retries, --no-retry, --opc-client-request-id, --opc-request-id, --output, --profile, --query, --raw-output, --read-timeout, --region, --release-info, --request-id, --version, -?, -d, -h, -i, -v

There is an online HTTP directory that I have access to. I have tried to download all sub-directories and files via wget. But, the problem is that when wget downloads sub-directories it downloads the index.html file which contains the list of files in that directory without downloading the files themselves.

There are a few browser extensions that can do this, but most require installing download managers, which aren't always free, tend to be an eyesore, and use a lot of resources. Heres one that has none of these drawbacks:

wget generally works in this way, but some sites may have problems and it may create too many unnecessary html files. In order to make this work easier and to prevent unnecessary file creation, I am sharing my getwebfolder script, which is the first linux script I wrote for myself. This script downloads all content of a web folder entered as parameter.

When you try to download an open web folder by wget which contains more then one file, wget downloads a file named index.html. This file contains a file list of the web folder. My script converts file names written in index.html file to web addresses and downloads them clearly with wget.

Another simple way to download subtitles from YouTube is to download Google2SRT. Google2SRT is a free, open source program for Windows, Mac and Linux that is able to download, save and convert multiple subtitles from YouTube videos.

The name of the folder on your local machine where the repository will be downloaded into. If this option is not specified, Git will simply create a new folder named after the remote repository.

For long running commands such as 'run' or 'getfile', you may want to use the '&' symbol at the end of the command to perform that action in the background.This will allow you to continue investigating the machine and return to the background command when done using 'fg' basic command.

Adversaries may abuse PowerShell commands and scripts for execution. PowerShell is a powerful interactive command-line interface and scripting environment included in the Windows operating system.[1] Adversaries can use PowerShell to perform a number of actions, including discovery of information and execution of code. Examples include the Start-Process cmdlet which can be used to run an executable and the Invoke-Command cmdlet which runs a command locally or on a remote computer (though administrator permissions are required to use PowerShell to connect to remote systems).

PowerShell commands/scripts can also be executed without directly invoking the powershell.exe binary through interfaces to PowerShell's underlying System.Management.Automation assembly DLL exposed through the .NET framework and Windows Common Language Interface (CLI).[3][4][5]

APT29 has used encoded PowerShell scripts uploaded to CozyCar installations to download and install SeaDuke. APT29 also used PowerShell to create new tasks on remote machines, identify configuration settings, evade defenses, exfiltrate data, and to execute other commands.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19]

RogueRobin uses a command prompt to run a PowerShell script from Excel.[66] To assist in establishing persistence, RogueRobin creates %APPDATA%\OneDrive.bat and saves the following string to it:powershell.exe -WindowStyle Hidden -exec bypass -File "%APPDATA%\OneDrive.ps1".[195][66]

Turla has used PowerShell to execute commands/scripts, in some cases via a custom executable or code from Empire's PSInject.[222][177][223] Turla has also used PowerShell scripts to load and execute malware in memory.

Wizard Spider has used macros to execute PowerShell scripts to download malware on victim's machines.[234] It has also used PowerShell to execute commands and move laterally through a victim network.[235][236][237]

If proper execution policy is set, adversaries will likely be able to define their own execution policy if they obtain administrator or system access, either through the Registry or at the command line. This change in policy on a system may be a way to detect malicious use of PowerShell. If PowerShell is not used in an environment, then simply looking for PowerShell execution may detect malicious activity. It is also beneficial to turn on PowerShell logging to gain increased fidelity in what occurs during execution (which is applied to .NET invocations). [241] PowerShell 5.0 introduced enhanced logging capabilities, and some of those features have since been added to PowerShell 4.0. Earlier versions of PowerShell do not have many logging features.[242] An organization can gather PowerShell execution details in a data analytic platform to supplement it with other data.

At HiveMQ we have worked with many customers to develop and test their MQTT deployments. One thing we have found is the need for a command line tool to quickly generate MQTT test clients to test the connections between clients and an MQTT broker. Over the years, we have used various utilities developed by the open source community but none seem to have all the features we needed.

For this reason, we are happy to announce a new open source tool, called MQTT CLI, that provides a command line interface (CLI) to interact with an MQTT broker. The new tool provides two key features: 1) a SHELL mode that allows you to start multiple MQTT clients in parallel and supports connection handling and provides unix-like shell features, such as color-highlighting, tab-completion, command-history, and password masking. 2) support for both MQTT pub and sub commands so you have one command line for all the key MQTT operations.


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