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3 Ways to Create a Proxy - wikiHow

Thank you for reading Solid Proxy 123! This wiki was initially created as a prequel of the video game, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and all the references to "Metal Gear" will be linked to the relevant articles and games of the series. Visit here to view Metal Gear Solid 4's video making-of.

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A singleton proxy is created. The name of the proxy object is generated by appending the name of the bean (ie ) to the name of the original bean (ie game.CPU ). For instance, the following configuration creates the same proxy:

the patriots' ais were also able to simulate various models as well, for example, the model used to simulate liquid ocelot, was modeled after john malkovich and the project was very successful. however, due to the nature of ai's, the models could take time to mature, especially if they were not well-trained, as seen in how the training of solid snake took hundreds of years before he was able to defeat major zero.

in the anime adaptation, it was implied that the patriots' ais knew of the hydrangeas ring containing the birth records of solid snake as well as the recordings of his training, as the ai unit was able to create an image of the ring.


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