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How To Book An Appointment At Apple Store Online

If you need in-person support or repairs for your Apple product, you can reserve an appointment at your local Apple Store's Genius Bar. While COVID-19 procedures are in place, you can also make an appointment to shop for new products at many Apple Store locations. We'll show you how to book an in-person appointment at your Apple Store (or an Apple Authorized Service Provider) to get hardware support for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and any other supported Apple products.

how to book an appointment at apple store online

The easiest way to book a Genius Bar appointment is via an iOS or iPadOS device. When signed in to your Apple ID on one of these devices, booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment is really effortless, thanks to the ever-useful Apple Support app.

3. If your issue requires a visit to a Genius Bar, you'll see an option to Bring in for Repair. This could be underneath other suggestions for things you may be able to do to try and fix the issue yourself first. To book a Genius Bar appointment, tap Find Authorized Locations underneath the screwdriver icon.

If your iPhone or iPad isn't working or you're on a Mac, the best way to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment is via Apple's support page. You can access this page through any web browser. You'll need to sign in with your Apple ID, so make sure you know your sign in credentials before going ahead.

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I received an iphone 11 as a Christmas gift. I am 84 years old and am not cell phone savvy. I would like to make an appointment at the White Plains, N.Y. store with an Apple genius to set up and show me how to use my new phone. Please advise me.

Need technical help w my iPhone. Tried making appointm