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[S4E8] Paid In [Extra Quality] Full

Hopefully, this woman gets everything that she deserves and more. Her ongoing role as the harbinger of chaos, discord, and disruption continued on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 8, and now we've lost some of the most revered supporting characters of the series.

[S4E8] Paid in Full

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It pissed him off to learn that while they're overworked and underpaid, Lauren paid to get her girlfriend in a program for selfish reasons. And she dared to lie to him about it as if he couldn't read her like a book.

Jimmy follows Kim after she silently goes outside to receive a full on makeout session like the old Wexler/McGill days. Kim then sleeps with Jimmy and calls him brilliant with the phones and laughs at his Bayou accent. Kim seems distracted during a meeting with Mesa Verde afterwards at work.

Scott gets to the mouth of the morgue vault and falls out. He finds himself fully clothed in the high school, having just fallen out of a locker. Scott gets to his feet and starts walking down the hallway. The lights flicker.

And for her ruffles runway look, Pixie paid tribute to an icon of a different kind, making it reign with her tribute to Tudor monarch Elizabeth I. We had already seen a version of the Virgin Queen thanks to Cheddar Gorgeous in the Snatch Game, but Pixie made the historical icon her own.

Rachel: Sure, super excited. Super, super excited to be here. I feel like I'm coming like full circle thus far in my life, being able to speak to you since you taught me at UNLV. So the Director of Growth. My role is really focusing on bringing new clientele in all different forms that might be working with existing clientele that have, you know, only been with us for a certain amount of time and we want to do more business with them. And or finding new clients in all fields.

Media Monks is an end to end production agency. And they are part of the escor capital, which is owned by Sir Martin Sorrell, who is trying to make this beast of the modern agency, which is super dope. And it's all things you can think of you need from an agency, some sort of escor capital agency will have for you. Media Monks started in Amsterdam, they are a Dutch company and moved to LA in 2001. So from there, we have been just really killing the game. It sounds terrible to say that we kind of benefited from COVID but the company did. We do everything from virtual events to embedded teams that we work with specific tech companies that I am unable to name on this podcast. We also do full film production, AR, VR, you name it, we can do it. It's really cool. And the world is possibilities from there.

The other really cool part was at the time MGM Grand didn't, well MGM resorts didn't have a full Event Management Department for their corporate offices. So we also got to do that. It was amazing. And shout out to Betty Gain Snyder if she ever listens to this because she was definitely to this day, the best boss I've ever had, love her. She also gave me advice to move to Los Angeles to kind of jumpstart my career and make a little bit more of the money I deserved. And it was also the best advice I ever had. And that just makes me want to full circle back to her and say like, that's really what makes a good leader like she was willing to tell me what I needed to do to be where I needed to be. Even though you know, she didn't want me to go, she told me what to do, which is just beautiful. And again, that's why she was the best boss I've ever had.

Dr. K: You have had just such an incredible career, and you're still so young. And I just I've so enjoyed keeping up with you over the years, like every two or three years, we end up getting on a Zoom or a phone call or something and just catching up. And so for our podcast listeners today, you've had just such an amazing career. What was? I have so many questions I'm going to come off of your story with but so let's start first, your student, your student mine in this class, and you are already getting experience, and then you graduate. And then you accept your first like full time career minded goal. You're like jumping in, what was the most surprising thing to you positive or negative? What was the most surprising thing transitioning from being, you know, a student learning about this and getting your feet wet? and doing some things that cosmopolitan into this is the career forever for me?

Dr. K: There are so many reasons why I love this answer. And I'm just laughing so much. Because the number of students that have said, You know, I always do group projects and the number of students that have come to me and said, Well, this is it like it is when we graduate and go into the industry because then people care because they're getting paid. And I'm like news fact, people don't care at the level you care just because they're getting paid like not at all your motivation and passion levels are very different. Some people are in it to make a difference. They're in it because they care. They're in it because they love it. And there's people that are in it because it's a paycheck, and those are very, very different.

So then I get on this private jet with Jim Moran, who I mean, a he's a sweet man be I also, I don't know if anyone can tell from my personality at this point and to intimidate by nobody. So I, you know, chatted up the whole time, but since he's on there, it's also full service. So I have like a gourmet, like, almost that's made by the chef in the back and like all these like beautiful things that normally I would assume I wouldn't have gotten on the private jet just because I was you know, Joe Schmo flying to go pick up some helmets. So then when I get there, because I'm picking up millions of dollars, I also have my own private security. I was like a celebrity so I get picked up in this escalate with my own private security. And that drives me to the Ravens practice facility where then I meet Joe Flacco and he's like signing all the helmets. And then we you know me in the security, we put it back into the car and I have to stay overnight.

Previously on Lucha Underground: Vinnie Massaro and an innocent pizza boy just trying to get paid were sacrificed to the Gods. Plus, El Dragon Azteca Jr. became the Gift of the Gods Champion, and Mariposa talked Marty the Moth into being a thing again.

The next day an energized Namond raises the hypocrisy of a system that promises to reward him for good behavior when it fails to live by its own rules much of the time; he states steroids, liquor, cigarettes and Enron as examples. Darnell points out that even Colvin's police work focused on drugs, so in a way, drugs paid Colvin's salary. Zenobia claims that the street life is just part of the larger system. Prez discusses his class's difficulty with the test with his colleagues. They reassure him that performance is low across all subjects. Hanson and Shapiro tell him he must follow the curriculum. Sampson and Hanson offer typical sage advice: Prez's first year as a teacher has to be less about the children and more about him surviving.

Namond gives his package to Kenard and tells him that he is a lieutenant and warns him not to cheat him on the profits. Namond delivers his takings to his mother and she notices that he has made less than she would expect from a full package. He blames his territory, but she goes to tackle Bodie about territory.

Afterwards, Governor Denning forces Grover and McGarrett to work together to serve an arrest warrant to Ian Wright for unpaid parking tickets. After arriving in his home, the two are ambushed, and Ian is kidnapped. 041b061a72


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