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Buy Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are available in several standard size widths and come in a wide range of holding strengths in order to best suit your application needs. With multi-pole magnetization, all of our magnetic strips achieve impressive magnetic strength. Magnetic strips can be slit or scored to a custom width if you require a width we do not have pre-stocked, and all magnetic strips can be purchased by the roll or in pre-cut lengths. Magnetic strips are an excellent choice for applications such as latches in sliding screen doors, mounted storage in your kitchen for knives, and improving organization in your garage.

buy magnetic strips

Magnetic strips can be purchased in several different widths with various holding strengths to suit the needs of your application. They are flexible magnets with multi-pole magnetization for maximum magnetic strength. Sold by the roll or in pre-cut strips, our magnetic strips can even be slit or scored to a custom width to suit your exact needs.

Their maximum power is thanks to a multi-pole magnetization pattern which provides greater concentration of magnetic strength on the face. Conventional magnetization is also available. With high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive, strips are flexible and strong, making them ideal where rigid or brittle materials cannot be used.

We offer standard widths that are in stock and ready to ship, but we can slit or score our magnetic tape to a custom width based on your specifications. Magnetic tape is sold by the roll or in pre-cut strips. It is available in both standard energy and high energy versions.

By simply peeling and sticking, magnetic tape lets you turn any surface into a magnetic surface. This product is excellent for DIY enthusiasts, retailers, students, and many others. Its diverse nature allows it to be useful in a broad range of applications. offers Bunting Flexible Magnetic Strips, Flexible Magnetic Sheets, and Magnetic Tape that is versatile, easy-to-use and cost efficient. Bunting Flexible Magnetic Strips are lightweight, reusable, conform to irregular shapes and provide maximum holding power on all metal surfaces. Bunting Flexible Magnetic Tape offers maximum holding power on one side and pressure-sensitive adhesive backing on the opposite side, these magnets are powerful in addition to being flexible. Bunting Type S Flexible Magnetic Sheets consist of ferrite in a dark brown thermoplastic binder. They feature multi-pole magnetization for maximum magnetic strength on one side.

Our favorite magnetic knife strip is the Jonathan Alden Magnetic Wooden Knife Bar Holder. It was easy to install, with the strongest magnetic field of all the strips we tested. We also like the Benchcrafted Mag Blok. Installation was also easy, and the extra length accommodated more knives.

Magnetic strips are a versatile and easy-to-use solution for displaying displaying all types of signs and messages on white boards, magnetized work walls or metal surfaces, as well as on fridges and memo-boards. They are perfect way to switch out signs in the workplace that need to change from time to time. Also great for the office, classroom, or home.

White flexible magnetic strips are universal in ease, reliability, affordability and mobility. The white surface allows for adhesive labels to be attached or written on with permanent or WET erase markers. Select from these scored rolls or let us create a size to fit your labeling needs.

Label Magnets fill any special dimension or configuration needs you might have. The surface allows for simple changes of information, written directly on the white vinyl area with either wet-erase or permanent markers. The 30-millimeter, pre-scored strip rolls can be cut with scissors or paper cutters, and the long-lasting magnetic backing stays strong through constant relocations or shuffling.

Our high-quality range of flexible magnets strips is being used in various kinds of products and applications. We have rich experience in efficiently converting flexible magnet materials to your specific requirements.

Other options are available (to the right) for arranging the poles on a flexible magnetic strip. If your project calls for specific magnetization, Rochester Magnet can also accommodate this requirement.

Versatile, high quality and economical all describe our Nitrile Butile based products. Rubber bonded strontium ferrite flexible magnets can be bent, twisted and flexed without loss of their high magnetic energy.

Safety continues to be an ongoing priority for organizations around the United States. As schools, churches, and office buildings institute lockdown drills, they also look for ways to limit access to vital areas. Security costs threaten to spiral out of control as organizations work to keep their employees, students, and patrons safe from potential harm. Can something as simple as a magnetic strip for doors make a difference? Keep reading to learn five key reasons your organization should invest in lockdown magnetic strips for doors throughout your facility.

Many institutions have turned to magnetic door strips as an efficient security tool. A magnetic door strip is placed over the latch in your doorjamb. The door itself is kept locked but can be opened and closed as the magnetic door strip prevents the door from latching. During a lockdown, the magnetic door strips can be easily removed and the door subsequently locked and closed.

Organizations have found that magnetic strips for doors are a simple way to keep buildings safe that do not require a lot of complicated security procedures or the installation of expensive equipment.

Among the immediate advantages of lockdown magnetic strips are the fact that doors can be secured during lockdown without the necessity of keys which may not be readily available. Keys can also prove to be clumsy during moments of crisis and also require several copies for administrators and security personnel.

Our lockdown magnetic strips are all-weather and can be used on both interior and exterior doors. Magnetic door strips from are built for durability and use in high-traffic areas capable of withstanding repeated opening and closing of doors.

With our lockdown magnetic strips you can choose different customization options to better fit your organization. We have multiple colors to choose from to match your school or business. We also have custom magnetic door strips available where you can upload your logo or other image for additional personalization.

Security costs can easily get out of hand. When implementing equipment such as surveillance cameras, metal detectors and training programs, organizations can see their security budgets balloon. Magnetic strips for doors provide cost-effective, localized lockdown implementation without the headache or expense of installing new doors and locks.

Lockdown magnetic strips for doors are an effective way to secure schools, churches and other businesses. With customization options available from, you can find the perfect lockdown magnets for your security needs. Make the smart choice with magnetic door strips from

Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Tape are high quality products that provide an excellent solution for many industrial, commercial and home/office applications. This flexible magnetic rubber is commonly used for promotional displays, office and warehouse labelling, attaching photos, banners, posters, documents or printed material to any ferrous metallic surface. AMF Magnetics supplies a wide range of handy magnetic strips and tape in different sizes, colours and thickness.

These strong flexible magnets can be easily cut to any shape or size with scissors or craft knife. Formed in profiles, strips and sheets by extrusion/calendaring method. They can be stamped, slit, punched and laminated. They have good demagnetization resistance and reasonable resistance to chemical agents. The material is readily available and relatively inexpensive.

MagnaflexTM creative construction kits help inspire kids of all ages to flex their imagination and build anything they can imagine. Colorful kits include magnetic strips, connector pieces and an easy-to-follow instruction guide with project ideas including animals, vehicles, wearable accessories and more. Magnaflex unique shape and material allow kids to easily bend, zip, connect, or stack the magnetic strips together, and decorate with metal connector pieces that also add structure.

These easy-to-use magnetic lashes are perfect for parties or special occasions, but they also make for an easy everyday look. Made with high-quality silk, these lash strips will give you a lush look without the hassle.

Lash Stuff Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes are made of 100% silk and come with 1 pair of magnetic strip eyelashes, 1 magnetic eyeliner, and 1 applicator. The 100% silk material provides a light and fluffy feel that is extremely comfortable. Wear these magnetic strip eyelashes all day long. These magnetic strip eyelashes can be easily applied and reused over and over. 041b061a72


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