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Shankar Mahadevan Breathless Song Koi Jo Mila To Mujhe Aisa Lagta Tha

Here comes a super effort from Shankar Mahadevan (The high range, low profilesinger) in the form of his latest album 'Breathless' with Jaaved Akhtar (as thelyricist). This Album has 8 songs by the singer but two of them deserve specialmention. The first track of side A and the last track of side B (titledBreathless-1 and Breathless-2(the reprise) respectively) are sung in breathlessform. The compositions(First one is 2min 10 sec and the last one is 2min 40sec)starts and ends without giving a pause in the middle. Simply breathless. Allsongs are composed and arranged the the singer himself. The unique breathlesscompositions are composed in a creative style and backed up by good lyrics fromJaved Akhtar. The songs are in breathless form , but never gives you feeling ofa rap song as the tunes are melodious and the singing is superb. The album isreleased by HMV.The songs Breathless 1 & 2 are developed as a story. The first song starts on ahappy note and ends at a sad note. The second part starts from that sad note andends at a happy note. The continuty is maintained in the arrangement of thesongs as well, as the first and the last compositions are arranged intelligently(after the first breathless song is over, you can turn the cassete and continuewith the second breathless song(the last song on the other side)).Shankar Mahadevan is on the scene for quite some time. 4 years back he startedhis career with albums like Alladin, Oh Darling Ye hai India and shown his histalent and range. He is verstile and allrounder and with 'Breathless', I hope hehas scored his first century of his career.I remember SPB doing another Breathless number in a tamil movie in the form of 'Aalaap'. It was picturised on SPB himself and of around 1min30sec duration. Cananyone post more details about that or about any earlier performances like this.PavanHere are lyrics of first part of Breathless song.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Breathless Part 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Koi jo mila to mujhe aisa lagta tha jaise meri sari duniya mein geeton ki rutaur rangon ki barkha hai khushboo ki aandhi hai mehki hue si sari ab sarifizayein hain behki huee si ab sari hawaaien hain khyee huee si ab saridishayein hain badli hue si ab sari adaayein hain jaagi umangein hain, dhadakraha hai dil sanson mein toofan hai hothon pe naghme hain, ankhon mein sapnehain sapno mein beetey hue saare wo lamhein hain jab koi aaya tha; najron pechhaya tha dil mein samaya tha; kaise mein bataaoon tumhein kaisa use paaya tha;pyar se chehre pe bikhri jo julfein to aisa lagta tha jaise kohre ke peechhe ekos mein dhula hua phool khila hai;jaise baadal mein ek chaand chhupa hai aurjhaank raha hai jaise raat ke parde mein ek savera hai roshan roshan; ankhonmein sapno ka saagar jismein prem sitaaron ki chaadar jaise jhalak rahi hai;lehron lehron baat karein to jaise moti barse jaise kahin chandi ki paayalgoonje jaise kahin sheeshe ke jaam giren aur chhan se toote jaise koi chhup kesitar bajaye jaise koi chandni raat mein gaaye jaise koi haule se paas bulaye.kaisi meethi baatein thi wo mulakatein thi; jab meine jaana tha nazron se kaisepighalte hain dil; aur aarzoo paati hai kaise manjil aur kaise utarata hai chandzameen par; kaise kabhi lagta hai swarg agar hai to bas hai yaheen par; usnebataya mujhe aur samjhaya mujhe ham jo mile hain hamein aise hi milna tha; guljo khile hain; unhein aise hi khilna tha; janmo ke bandhan janmon ke rishteyhain; jab bhi ham janme to ham yaheen milte hain; kaano mein mere jaise shehadse ghulne lage; khwabon ke dar jaise aankhon mein khulne lage; khwabon ki duniyathi kitni haseen aur kaise rangeen thi; khwabon ki uniya jo kehne ko thi parkahin bhi nahi thi; khwab jo toote mere; aankhein jo khuli meri; hosh jo aayamujhe meine dekha meine jana wo jo kabhi aaya tha nazron pe chhaya tha dil meinsamaya tha; ja bhi chuka hai; aur dil ab mera hai tanha tanha; na to koi armaanhai; na koi tamanna hai aur na koi sapna hai; ab jo mere din hain aur ab jo meriraatein hai; unmein sirf dard ki ranj ki baatein hain aur fariyaadein hain; meraab kio nahin; mein hun aur khye hue pyar ki yaadein hain;mein hun aur khye huepyar ki yaadein hain;mein hun aur khye hue pyar ki yaadein hain

shankar mahadevan breathless song koi jo mila to mujhe aisa lagta tha


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