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Car Stunts 3D - Extreme City: A High-Octane Racing Game with Simple Controls

Race your car over ramps and do insane stunts to impress the crowd. Try to complete each track without crashing in this crazy online driving game. Complete different stunts, earn points and become the best driver in the world.

The Car Stunt 3D is a real racing experience that lets you drive at crazy speeds. The city streets and buildings are around the corner and there is no time to waste. Drive through traffic, perform extreme stunts, and perform amazing aerial stunts on top of building tops and bridges.

car stunts 3d - extreme city

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Race through loops, perform incredible stunts on ramps and drift around avoiding obstacles on your way. Change the camera perspective to view your fancy car from all angles. Don't worry about crashing the car, there will be another one right away for you to speed around with. Enjoy Extreme Car Stunts 3D!

FEATURES: * High-quality graphics even on phones with little equipment. * FPP mode enabled for players to have the real racing experience. * Easy to learn physical and mechanical controls. * Sensitive and intuitive crazy car stunts experience. * A golden chance to become an expert in acrobatic driving and to master each game mode. * Nitro power-ups to feel the madness of monster trucks in a precise driving simulator.

Zip and weave through dozens of thrilling tracks! With simple mechanics and intuitive controls, anyone can feel like a thrill-seeking racer! Perform heart-stopping vehicle stunts that will make your audience scream at their outrageousness.

With FPP (First Person Perspective) mode enabled, you can experience the real in-car racing sensation, making each race even more intense. The easy-to-learn physical controls and mechanics ensure a seamless and responsive gaming experience, while the intuitive car stunts add an extra layer of excitement. Become a stunt driving expert as you conquer each game mode and unlock new challenges.


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