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Cri Packed File Maker 1

since these instructions are for a mac, i will use the mac zip tool and the mac version of the zcat tool. it is possible to run the same commands on the windows system, but the version of zcat available there will not recognize the zip file format and will not extract the contents.

Cri Packed File Maker 1

now that you have the zip file, you can extract the files in it. in the finder, right-click the zip file and select extract here. for the mac, it is the equivalent of right-clicking the file and selecting extract here.

you can now move to the command line and run the zcat command to extract the files. you can run the zcat command on the zip file directly. if you have the zcat command, just run zcat and it will extract the files.

now that you have the files, you can run the jar command to create the jar file. you can run the jar command on the zip file directly. if you have the jar command, just run jar and it will create the jar file.

if you place a file in pack.mcmeta, it will be in the resources section. this means that if it is read by minecraft, it will not be read by any other mods that are installed (for example, if you add a block to the world that does not appear in any mods, it will not appear in minecraft). if you change the version of this file, such as if you add more blocks, then it will be changed in minecraft too. if you create a new file and add it to pack.mcmeta, it will be added to the resources section.


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