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[S2E13] The Friendship Algorithm !!BETTER!!

Sheldon: Hardly. Fear of heights is illogical. Fear of falling, on the other hand, is prudent and evolutionary. What would you say is the minimum altitude I need to achieve to cement our new-found friendship?

[S2E13] The Friendship Algorithm

Back at the apartment returning from their rock-climbing adventure, they offer Kripke some Chinese food. He needs some dental floss first. Since he can't deal with any more friends, Sheldon cuts Raj loose even though Penny is not a scientist. Kripke notices that Penny is hot, but changes her name to Roxane. Howard whispers that he is starting to look good now, isn't he? Sheldon pushes past to discuss getting time in the Open Science Grid Computer; however, since as the official schedule is out of his control, Kripke can't help him even if they are friends. Raj is now back in his friendship circle since he likes monkeys. And Sheldon goes back to the rock-climbing wall and gets much further this time before passing out again.

In order to get time on the super computer at work that he needs for his experiment, Sheldon must befriend Kripke who is in charge of the device. Kripke initially rejects Sheldon as a friend and he goes on a quest to figure out how to make friends. He starts off by asking each of his friends (and Penny) why they like him using a 200+ question test and essay.When no one takes his exam seriously, Sheldon heads to the bookstore to find a book on making friends. Turns out all the books are for little kids and he checks out a children's book from which he creates an flow chart for making friends. He tries out his new research on Kripke and they arrange to do an activity which Sheldon finds the least offensive, rock climbing.At rock climbing, Sheldon passes out halfway up the wall due to his fear of heights. Kripke takes him back to his place where the guys are eating dinner. While sharing a meal, Kripke says that him and Sheldon are friends now so he asks to use the computer. Kripke says he has no control over who gets to use it and their friendship is over.

Sheldon wants to use the university's grid computer for his research, but access to the computer is controlled by Barry Kripke who apparently favors his friends. Sheldon decides to befriend Kripke, but struggles from a lack of experience in making friends. Treating this like any other scientific inquiry, Sheldon studies up and develops a friendship algorithm.

Sheldon needs time on the university's open science grid computer and learns that Barry Kripke controls access and gives his friends preferential treatment. Sheldon sets out to befriend Barry so he can use the grid computer. After Sheldon's calls to Kripke fail, he decides to learn more about friendship making and fine tune his process.

After Sheldon and Kripke decide they will go rock climbing together, Sheldon studies up on rock climbing - on the Internet of course. While climbing with Kripke, Sheldon realizes he has a fear of falling and seizes up, just "hanging there like a big salami". Back at the apartment, Kripke joins the gang for dinner. When Sheldon changes the subject to the grid computer, Kripke explains he has no control over the access list. With no further use for his friendship, Sheldon kicks Kripke out of his friendship circle.

When Sheldon wants to use the university's grid computer, he decides to befriend the guy who controls access. Not well versed in the art of making friends, Sheldon develops a friendship algorithm to win over Kripke.

Sheldon doesn't know how to make friends, but he does know science; thus, he develops a "friendship algorithm" to make friends with Barry Kripke and secure his favor at work. His methodic approach to befriending Barry is surprisingly successful, but Barry has no power over who gets access to a coveted computer, making him useless to Sheldon.

With Sheldon at his most egotistical and Howard at his most immature, "The Junior Professor Solution" is the perfect Big Bang episode. For once, the show doesn't laugh at Howard, and his ongoing fight with Sheldon makes for excellent tv. The episode's ending is also a showcase of the guys' friendship, which became increasingly rearer in later seasons.

Summary: When Sheldon finds out that Kripke is the only person who controls a new supercomputer at the University, Sheldon makes it his mission to befriend Kripke, but due to his problems making friends, Sheldon takes a scientific procedure, which works. However, their friendship may disappear again when it is uncovered that Kripke actually does not have any control of the supercomputer. 041b061a72


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